Accounting System

Simplify your financial life.

Spend more time in taking care of your business instead of your system with:

Internet-based Accounting System

Athena Web-Accounting is an easy-to-use internet-based accounting system that includes inventory management, sales and purchases, supplier and customer management, and business reporting. With Athena, the business will have continuous access to technology without the risks, costs, and administrative responsibilities associated with developing and maintaining the required IT Infrastructure.

Anytime, anywhere accounting
Athena lets users and its employees do a variety of tasks update records, complete reports, and record hours from any computer with an internet connection.

Hassle-free Technology
When using Athena, installment of additional software or upgrade is not needed. That means, no additional server OS, database, and web server licenses are required

Multi-user and Multi-permission levels
Athena offers unlimited simultaneous users, each with its own passwords, with different access levels that you can define.

Data Protected and Private
Worry no more about attacks from viruses, worms, and hackers that put your information at risk. With Athena, your data is protected and kept private with the password-protected login and firewall-protected servers.

Your total business solution web
Athena uses the web browser as a front-end interface and runs virtually in any operating system. The system is designed to work with MY SQL Database, Apache web server, and Linux operating system.