AWS Cloud Service

Pinnacle Transforms Academic Management for EARIST Using AWS

Cutting-edge cloud solution enhances efficiency and scalability for educational institution – 2021

Pinnacle has embarked on a transformative journey with EARIST, one of the Philippines’ esteemed educational institutions. The implementation of the Academic Information Management System using AWS EC2 and RDS with Auto Scaling is designed to streamline administrative tasks, enhance data security, and provide scalability to meet the evolving needs of the institution.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-Based Efficiency: EARIST’s academic processes are now powered by AWS EC2 instances, which offer on-demand computing resources, ensuring the institution’s systems run efficiently and securely.
  • Database Scalability: The incorporation of Amazon RDS with Auto Scaling allows EARIST to dynamically adjust database capacity to accommodate fluctuations in workload, ensuring uninterrupted service during peak times.
  • Enhanced Data Security: AWS’s robust security features provide EARIST with advanced data protection, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive academic information.
  • Improved User Experience: The new system promises a more user-friendly interface for both students and administrative staff, streamlining operations such as enrollment, grading, and record-keeping.

This strategic partnership between Pinnacle Technologies and EARIST underscores the importance of modernizing academic institutions to meet the evolving demands of the digital age. With AWS as the backbone, EARIST is poised for a brighter, more efficient academic future.

University of Southern Philippines takes Academic Management to new heights with Pinnacle and AWS.

USP, a prestigious institution committed to academic excellence has partnered with Pinnacle to modernize its academic management processes. The Academic Information Management System, utilizing AWS EC2 and RDS, is designed to streamline administrative tasks, bolster data security, and provide scalability to meet the evolving needs of the university. This comprehensive system introduces several key features:

Online Admission System

Prospective students will benefit from a streamlined online admission process, allowing them to submit applications and required documents from the comfort of their homes. This feature reduces paperwork and enhances accessibility for applicants, making admission to USP more convenient.

Online Enrollment System

USP students will enjoy a hassle-free enrollment experience, with the ability to enroll in courses and manage schedules online. This system provides real-time access to course availability and simplifies payment processes, ensuring a smoother enrollment process.

Online Grading System

The new system automates the grading process, enabling instructors to input grades electronically. Students can access their grades online, ensuring transparency and timely feedback on their academic performance.

This strategic collaboration underscores USP’s dedication to staying at the forefront of academic innovation. With AWS and Pinnacle, the University of Southern Philippines is poised for a future of streamlined and efficient academic management.