Enrollment System

The Academic Information Management System (or A.I.M.S.) is a complete/full-featured, user-friendly, cost-effective, and web-enabled management system developed by Pinnacle Technologies, Inc. for  Philippine schools.

A.I.M.S. was designed to manage all aspects of the enrollment process from student applications, approval, subject & section offering, student enrollment (registration & payment), faculty loading, grading system to student graduation & exit procedures. It turns any cumbersome enrollment procedure into a quick, error-free, and hassle-free process for both students and the school.

What A.I.M.S. can provide

Thanks to A.I.M.S. the application process becomes simpler and more accessible to students seeking entry into your academic institution. Instead of having to get a form, filling it out, then submitting it; applicants can fill out the form online. Once entered, the data goes directly into A.I.M.S. database so there is no need for your staff to encode the information which reduces the chances of typographical errors. The Application Module provides your administrators with the ability to collect processes, and evaluate these applications through the system. It will then give both the administrator and the applicant the ability to track the application status in real-time.


This module helps applicants encode application forms online. Also used by the school checking applicants, view the application form, schedule, and entrance exam, communicate with applicants, evaluate and approve/accept applicants.


Give your students the joy of stress-free enrollments using A.I.M.S. Online Enrollment Module. Students can enroll anytime, anywhere via the Internet. Say goodbye to waiting & long queues.

Allow students to view class offerings, Availability, Registration, Online Assessment, Online Payment.


Now you can easily collect and track tuition revenue & fees owed by students with the help of the A.I.M.S. It can handle cash or check payments as well as online payments through ATM & credit cards.


This is being used by the accounting department to set up all kinds of fees like tuition, library, laboratory, and other miscellaneous fees. It is used to set up discounts and scholarships. All fees are computed by the system, Assessment will be automated. Charges can be set up per year level, per term, per course, and per department. Optional and mandatory fees can be distinguished.


Handle administrative duties with ease through the A.I.M.S. Registrar Module. This allows the school maintains and manage all aspects of the academic institution from faculty, students, class offerings, etc. It also allows the school produces reports with ease.

This Module Manages & Maintains Studen Information, Subject/Section, Curriculum, Enrollment, Adjustments(Adding/Dropping), Course Offering, Faculty Information, Transcript of Records, Grading System


This module allows the faculty to fill out grade sheets, address student concerns, view their class lists & class loads, and pertinent student information.

This module includes Student Record Information, Class List, Announcements, Grading Sheet, Intraschool Messaging Service, Faculty Loads, Faculty Profile.


This allows the accounting department to readily report on the total receivables, actual collection and balance. This module provides all kind of reports submitted to CHED, Dep Ed, and even TESDA.


The A.I.M.S. Student Module provides instant access to announcements, enrollment offerings, a messaging service for student-faculty interaction, and allows them to update their personal information. This module also allows the user to access the Online Enrollment Module during the enrollment period.

This Module Provides Student Personal Information editor, Schedule of Enrolled Subjects, Updated Record of their grades, Intraschool Messaging Service, Student Accounts, Student Self Evaluation.



Program/Course Management •Curriculum Management •Subject Management •Section Management •Classroom Management •Enrollment Management •Grading System Management


Accounting Management • Assessment Management • Scholarships Management • Discounts Management • Payments Management • Collection Management • Reports Management

A.I.M.S. Benefits


  – Designed and built for the Internet

  – Works in Intranet and Internet Environment

Use only a web browser to access the system

No need to install the software on workstation

Accessible anytime, anywhere

– No Windows are required

MAC, Linux, IOS, and  Android Compatible


– Multi-User

– Multi-Site

– Multi-Campus

– Multi-Server

– Multi-Processor

– Multi-Core

– Multi-Client

– Multi-Tier


– The software is proudly created by Talented Filipino Programmers

  – The system was built based on Philippine School best practices

– Frequently encountered Philippine School problems were already addressed


– Ready to use – Flexible Configuration – Fast deployment time


– AIMS was designed to handle thousands of simultaneous users per second.                                         

– Thousands of students can enroll at the same time.

– Our system is limited only by the internet bandwidth and computer hardware.

– To increase capacity, just add more servers and increase internet bandwidth.


– Our studies have shown that a school’s IT cost could be reduced by as much as 30 to 60 percent by using AIMS.

– No More expensive license fees

– No More high development costs

– Less encoding

– Pay only for actual services rendered

– Reduces Staff time spent on administrative tasks

– Focus on School Management rather on IT System management