Library System

Superior library Automation

Phoenix is a Web-Based Open Source, easy to use library management system written in Perl and PHP Scripting Language and uses MySQL Database. Phoenix was tested on Ubuntu Linux with Apache Web Server and works smoothly. The software provides a cost-effective library automation solution for private collections, clubs, churches, schools, or public libraries.

Phoenix aims to convey resilience and ease-of-use for the library needs of students, faculty,
administrators and library staffs by allowing them to access the system through a standard
internet/IP connection. That means students and faculty members could search for a library
resource even at home and the library staff could manage and check transaction anywhere,

Powerful, complete automation functions.
Phoenix offers easy-searching, fast cataloging and efficient circulation and inventory. Phoenix is
fully integrated with existing AIMS online enrollment system. That is, overdue accounts can be
linked to the enrollment process plus easy integration with accounting system and optional
integrated cashier system. Supports Bar Code, Z39.50 and MARC records

Easy on the budget
With Phoenix you don’t have to pay for additional license on OS, Database, Web servers and third
party applications. Phoenix offers wide variety of bibliography entries in the database it also offers home access of library resources with the OPAC.

Customizable look and Functions
Have it your way! Our client’s preference is one of our top priorities, schools can customize functionality and screen appearance of the system.

Database Secured
Phoenix is built with firewall to prevent disruption and intrusion of dtabases.

Complete management of all library loans, returns, reserves and location transfers.

Manage member records, bibliography checkout, holds, account.

Advanced Search
Search filtering by location, item type, subjects and more.

Save collection managed by the users.

Comprehensive cataloging of your materials (in any format) using an easy entry screen. Manage your bibliography records and bibliography administration.

Manage library budgets,orders and purchase items.

Generate specific library reports, view requests containing member’s information, view over due items and member list, and even print labels and letters.

Phoenix provides a simple, modern OPAC that allows students to search and surf bibliographies by title, author or subject in the catalogue.