Our Story

From our humble beginnings as Pinnacle Trading in July of 1993, we boldly shifted to a more appropriate name Pinnacle Technologies, Inc., in February 1997. A step towards a more technology-driven direction and vision of providing the latest technology available, to the business sector. Its founder’s ten years of hands-on knowledge in the field practically makes them a witness to the birth and progress of computer technology in the Philippines.
The need for people to keep up with the ever-changing world of Information Technology inspired us to be the ultimate solutions provider in the industry. Thus, Pinnacle Technologies, Inc. is committed to helping you understand and appreciate the technology. Best of all make it affordable.

Pinnacle Technologies, Inc. is now one of the country’s most competitive entities in the industry. We are a fusion of professionals coming from different key areas of the computer and information technology sectors. With extensive training and experience, you are assured of our first-rate, in-depth understanding of your problems and requirements.

At Pinnacle Technologies, Inc., we never stop moving with an underlying pledge to explore the endless possibilities for the growth and development of the modern man. Making us truly, “your partner to the future”.

Pinnacle Technologies Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a complete IT solution tailored to the needs of our clients. And prepare them for the next millennium.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the technological and market leader of complete IT solutions for Local Government Units, Education Sectors, and Retail Establishments. We provide not only software, hardware, and networking services, but also project management, transformative technology, extensive consulting, and quality support services.