Queuing System

Queuing System Host Kiosk

Dimensions:  1430mm×460mm×360mm

Display:  17.1-inch LCD display with touch screen

Ticketing system: Touch to output ticket

Line number:1~9999 per host

Maximum Terminal: 255 Call Terminal per host

Maximum Display : 255 display/ per host

Service numbers/machine: 99 sets

Printer: Thermal high-speed printer

Paper width : 80mm, diameter 80mm

Wireless Calling Pad

Wireless Design

5V Power Supply from USB Port

10 Digit LCD Display

Display 6 Digit Ticket Number, and 3 digit waiting number

Dynamic Setting of Counter Service

The setting for Priority Service

Calling of Specific number

Queuing System Main LED Counter Display

Aluminum frame

Plexiglass front board.

DC 5V (110-220V Power adaptor built-in )

Pixel 128 x 64

Queuing System Wall Mount LCD Screen

Panel size: 55”


I3 Processor

4GB Ram


Queuing System Information Kiosk

Intel i3 processor;


SDD: 128GB

42-inch LCD display;

42-inch IR touch screen;

42-inch cold steel cabinet

USB ports, Ethernet ports

Queuing System Wireless Speakers


LOS 120~150m;

AC 220V;