Intelligent Manufacturing


Prepare your students for the future of Manufacturing!

The world’s manufacturing requirements continue to rise. It will bring forth a new industrial revolution
where we can scale, produce better goods and potentially eliminate human error.

Will your students be ready for that revolution?

Robotic Arms

Desktop-sized programmable

robotic arms.

Robotic Vehicles

Programmable AI Vehicles
for Transport of Items from
the Arm.

Maps, Accessories and Resources

Accessories, Expansion Sets
and Challenges for students.


Robotic Arms or more commonly known
as Collaborative Robots (Cobots) have at
least four degrees of freedom and a
built-in vision system which allows it to
identify and manipulate objects according
to how it is programmed.


Program your robot to identify colors
and items with the use of Python and
Scratch. A robotic Arm can be used with
peripherals to achieve certain goals and
tasks such as transport of items or
sorting of goods.


Give your robots mobility and flexibility, recreate the a
manufacturing or assembly line and teach students how to
effectively build, draw or move things with the power of Python and Scratch

Sliding Rail

Conveyor Belt


Challenge student’s creativity and skills in Programming. Provide an obstacle course that requires the identification and sorting of specific colors. These challenges are common real-life problems that need to be solved.

2 Desktop Arms
1 Conveyor Belt
1 Programmable Vehicle
1 Map with Obstacles
Photoelectric Sensor Kit
Color Sensor Kit


Enable the simplest way of teaching programming in your school. The Scratch-based program for the robots in this package is compatible with the software. This method is used to teach students programming before moving to more advanced stages such as Python.


Enrich student learning with key frameworks, lessons, activities, and experiments developed by industry experts on robotics and programming.
Content in this package can be used as a guide to building the school’s Robotics Curriculum.